current music projects


Rico Lee – guitar. Chris Abrahams – piano. Derek Shirley – bass. Steve Heather – drums.

An immersive collision of captivating simplicity and fleeting subtle complexity, stretched over far-reaching trajectories and patterned other-worldly planes. The Still delves steadily and unremittingly deeper into arrested time. Hypnotic and compelling, song-forms diluted by overtones and spellbinding resonance that melt together into a cyclical trance, promising no resolution.


Toby Delius – tenor saxophone, clarinet.
Joe Williamson -bass.
Steve Heather – drums.

In the past described as the future of Jazz which I suspect makes them know the present of jazz.


Founded in 2010, is a Berlin-based collection of internationally respected Composer-Performers which draws inspiration from many genres, most noticeably contemporary/improvised music. Splitter Orchestra originates from the “Echtzeitmusik” scene. A locally based and globally networked experimental music scene and long-term platform for the exchange of artistic ideas.


Liz Kosack – synth
Dan Peter Sundland – electric bass
Steve Heather- drums

**Y** (pronouced “four star Y”) is a Berlin based outfit playing some heavy and weird and driving improv, casually careening toward psychedelia and rockjazz. Liz Kosack is an American Synthesiste and face-shifting interplanetary messenger. Dan Peter Sundland is a crazy Norwegian dressed in suits who has naughty bass etiquette. Steve Heather is an unkempt vicious Australian with a dangerous mix of humor, virtuosity, and modernist chivalry.